Always Prepared. Always There.


Full Lawn Service and Maintenance

All-year around we at UCBM will work to help preserve the health and aesthetics of  your lawn. We give personal attention to your yards weekly and we make sure to use the best equipment and products for the overall longevity of your lawn health.


Weed Control & Mulching  

Weeds throws the balance off of eco-communities in your landscapes by acting like parasites who take crucial nutrients away from the soil. What mulching does is it suppresses the weed growth while still retaining moisture, which is great in the summer heat. In the fall and winter times on the other hand, mulching is great in helping reduce erosion. Overall, it helps insulates crops from extreme temperatures and also provides essential nutrients that benefits the soil.


Irrigation System Installation, Maintenance, & Repair

Irrigation systems are also a great way to help maintain landscape, especially in times of inadequate rainfall.


Other Services

  • Tree Trimming
  • Shrub & Bed Care
  • Renovations & Upgrades to Pre-Existing Landscapes